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Painting The Town Red

Red has been a favorite color of mine since the good old days. I remember myself having tons of red pieces in my closet, mostly t-shirts since Manila has always a t-shirt kind of weather. It has also been incorporated … Continue reading

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A Little Tribal

I decided to go minimal during the Elle Girl Night x Revlon party last week by sporting a classic black number. Black blazer, shirt, trousers and shoes. Thinking that it was too average, I decided to accentuate it with this … Continue reading

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Almost Terry But Not Really

Nope! It’s not Terry Richardson. First I’m Asian. Second, we have a big age gap and lastly, my hair is still intact to my head. LOL! Kidding! It was a rainy day in Tokyo when the Versace x H&M collection … Continue reading

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A Blast from the Past (The Beautiful Swan Recalls her Ugly Duckling Days)

During New Year, we just love things that give us a blast. Fireworks, hardcore partying, liquor and the list goes on and on and on. My friend, Vanessa, just know when to have a blast because she really gave me … Continue reading

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Niki and Me, Vogue-ing

This is my friend, Nicola. I, together with her other close friends, call her Niki for short. She’s from bloody England, for goodness’ sake!!!! She was a former super model/performer who used to travel all around the world for fashion … Continue reading

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Orlando Bloom and Charlize Theron for Uniqlo

Do you know Uniqlo? Just a little bit of information about it. Uniqlo is Japan’s leading company when it comes to clothing retail. It is like Bench in the Philippines, The GAP in America and H&M in Europe. It started … Continue reading

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