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Unusual Me

Carey asked me to join her Confirmation and since it’s a Catholic gathering, she told me to wear my Sunday best. And what’s the best way to go to church than to wear slacks, a simple plain buttoned down shirt … Continue reading

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I Belong

I remember when I was 10 and visited Japan for the first time, I was so amazed with this country. The cleanliness, the high-end technology, the punctuality and courtesy of the Japanese people- everything about Japan was so perfect for … Continue reading

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Niki and Me, Vogue-ing

This is my friend, Nicola. I, together with her other close friends, call her Niki for short. She’s from bloody England, for goodness’ sake!!!! She was a former super model/performer who used to travel all around the world for fashion … Continue reading

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Finding Happiness Within

Hola! I am back and I am here to babble. But tonight’s gonna be a little dramatic. I was in the middle of the train when I found myself thinking of these thoughts. You still have time to back off … Continue reading

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The NHK Interview in Shibuya

Yesterday, I decided to meet my friend, Carey, in Shibuya for some coffee and window shopping. Since I was wearing something fierce yesterday, Carey decided to have some photos of me. I posed like a model in the middle of … Continue reading

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The Bag Addict in Me

When I was little, 9 years old I guess, I wanted to have a Japanese Lancel bag. These are the bags that Japanese elementary pupils always use. I’ve never seen one child break the status quo that this bags set. … Continue reading

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