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When I’m 40…

Mario Testino shot Jennifer Lopez for a spread for US Vogue April 2012 Body issue which was also covered by the latter. In this editorial, the American Idol judge flaunts her perfectly tanned sexy body while wearing swimsuits from Chanel, … Continue reading

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Gucci x Hirohiko Araki x Spur

Hey guys, I’m sorry for the late updates. Work has been busy the past few days that I have no time to blog anymore. But anyways, here I am! Last Saturday, I went to Shinjuku for some needed fall-winter shopping … Continue reading

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Singapore With A BANG!!!

Singaporeans are one of the most fashion conscious Asians that’s why I didn’t fail to give them  a BANG during my second night. Slashed t-shirt from Kika Style, leopard print harem shorts from Harajuku, golden chucks from Converse, leather bracelt … Continue reading

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I Want It Rough And Soft

みんなさん、こんにちは〜!!!お元気ですか〜?I hope you are all doing good. I am really sorry for the lack of posts and the absence here in my blog. It’s a little hard to write whenever you are all exhausted after a day of taking care … Continue reading

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RAWR!!!! (‘Hello’ in leopard talk) Vintage hat, sunglasses from a store somewhere, skull necklace from Kika Style, Spiel blazer, tank top from Kawano, Gucci messenger bag, Forever 21 shorts and boots from somewhere in Ueno It was a fine Saturday … Continue reading

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Gucci, James Franco and Armpits

Ok! I’ll tell you a secret. I have a fetish with armpits. I love them like crazy. Hairless or not, they totally are a turn on for me (though the nasty and smelly ones don’t count). Please don’t ask me … Continue reading

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Passport Renewal (And Essential Vanity Pictures)

Some things are bound to expire. One of them is our passports. Last Tuesday, for the first time, I went to the Philippine Embassy to renew my passport, which will expire next month. It’s funny because I’ve been here in … Continue reading

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My New Baby G…I LOVE YOU!

Guess what’s inside. I’ve been eyeing for a Gucci bag since the day I realized that I’m almost done paying for my LV Monogram Sac Plat. I visited gucci.com and looked for something pleasant in my eyes. Then, I decided … Continue reading

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The Bag Addict in Me

When I was little, 9 years old I guess, I wanted to have a Japanese Lancel bag. These are the bags that Japanese elementary pupils always use. I’ve never seen one child break the status quo that this bags set. … Continue reading

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