Todaiji Temple, Nara

I was so tempted to make “Nara” as this entry’s title but since my girls and I visited only one temple, I decided to scrap the idea out. So after having lunch and looking around Namba in Osaka, we took the rapid train and went straight to Nara to visit the Todaiji temple.

Nara City is the capital of Nara Prefecture which is located at the Kansai region of Japan. Formerly known as Heijo, it was the seat of the Japanese government during the Nara period from 710-784. It is where the UNESCO Heritage Site Todaiji temple is located which houses the Great Buddha Vairocana, the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world with a height of 15 meters. The main hall of Todaiji is also the world’s largest wooden structure.

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Osaka is one of the most important cities in Japan, the 3rd largest in terms of population and the center of business and economy in the Kansai region. Known as Naniwa during the older days of history, it was the first recorded capital of Japan before the Nara period.  (Click HERE for more of Osaka).

After 5 hours of fun in Universal Studios Japan, my girls and I decided to go to the humongous Osaka Castle where we enjoyed the historical and cultural richness of the palace plus, the chance of wearing authentic samurai costumes. As much as I love the lavishness of the head pieces, I felt like I was carrying a baby elephant on my head. They were so heavy that I wondered how those samurais moved with so much agility and strength whenever they battled their enemies.

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Universal Studios Japan

For the first day of our Kansai trip, my girls and I decided to spend it at Osaka and our first stop was Universal Studios Japan. There were a lot of visitors at the park which meant long waiting lines. Thus, we were only able to enjoy three attractions- the Hollywood Dream, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man and Backdraft. It was also a hot day that we needed to hydrate ourselves from time to time and apply lots of sunblock. I think this was the first time that I put that amount of sun protection on my skin.

Our friend Carey wasn’t able to join us for this Kansai trip because she’s in the Philippines for a break. Hence, Rexcy drew a caricature of her and took the paper with us during the whole trip. It was hilarious how we replaced the heads of the USJ characters with Carey’s head, even went to the point that we asked this beautifully dressed staff to pose for us with her face covered with the drawing. I just felt like a bully asking her to do this without purchasing any of her offers.

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar

Hi guys! I’m now back in Tokyo from my Kansai trip. It was a hell of an adventure with my girls Ria and Rexcy which included lots of walking, crazy map reading and train rides, over-eating, searching for a place to stay and lots of fun and laughter. I’m gonna share to you some of the photos I took but you just gotta hold on coz I am still in the process of choosing the best ones to share. As of now, all I can do is to “tease” you with this outfit post which I wore during our last day in Kyoto. I was so green from head to foot that Rexcy called me “The Very Hungry Caterpillar”.

H&M baseball cap, trousers and sunglasses, Versace x H&M sleeveless tee and Converse sneakers

Nippon-based Pinoy fashion bloggers unite!!! Finally, I got to meet the very sweet Ashley Dy who is based in Kobe (which I also visited during this trip). She was kind enough to take my photos when we met in Kyoto.

Stay tuned for my Kansai posts, boys and girls!


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You Girls Do Fun, I Do Fashiiiiiin!!!!

We just have to give it to Posh Spice! She was born to do her thing.

Click HERE to view the Spice Girls performance at the London Olympics 2012 Closing Ceremonies.


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Welcome Back!

Say HELLO and WELCOME BACK to my prints! I know that I’ve been wearing a lot of blacks and whites as of late but no worries now. My old self is back and my loudness is here once again. Hahaha!!! Though the serious silhouette of my past looks is still present in my outfit, I like the fact that the prints put the fun and youth in it. I know I’ve said before that print-on-print is not my thing and it’s something that’s hard to strut. Now I realized that it’s all about balance and avoiding clash.

SPINNS Harajuku shirt, H&M trousers and Zara shoes

Apparently, I wore this during the Trip’s Angels Launching Party of T/L/A where everyone was wearing their most casual and comfortable outfits, mostly composed of a simple tee and short pants. Though I felt overdressed again, it seemed like no one cared about what I wore so life goes on.


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Nº8 Vani x T/L/A x Website Launching Party

Last Tuesday, I went to Trip’s Angels’ launching party of their new clothing brand T/L/A (Tokyo/Los Angeles) and their newly-built website (click HERE) which serves as a linking platform for Mai’s blog, Trip’s site and Maho’s leather brand Nº8 Vani’s website which will be available by next week (UPDATE: Click HERE to go to Nº8 Vani’s website). T/L/A offers a variety of shirts of different graphic prints which were all made by Trip. The brand is inspired by the cities of Tokyo and Los Angeles. It has a signature casualness that LA has and the playfulness and edginess in some pieces which is very Tokyo. It was also my first time to see Maho’s Nº8 Vani’s lookbook and I must admit I was very impressed with what I saw. The brand is oozing with modern chicness.

I was very happy to get a freebie cap from T/L/A. I’ve been looking for a perfect black one ever since my obsession started and this was right timing. I’m gonna take this with me on my summer adventure to Kansai (West region). Woohoo!!!

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Move Over, Ursula!

I was sitting in the counter of the Louis Vuitton store in Omotesando when I accidentally looked at the windows and was surprised to see Yayoi Kusama’s wax image together with a thousand dotted tentacles around her. Honestly, it looked so real from behind that my friend Ria and I freaked out.

Move over, Ursula! The new sea witch is here…and Marc Jacobs loves her.




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O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore Art Thou, Romeo?

My weekend wasn’t as romantic and poetic as the title suggests but it was definitely a window shopping extravaganza with my girl Ria. We were hopping from store to store in Omotesando, Aoyama and Ginza, hoping to find something that can satisfy our hunger for retail. There were a couple of stuff we wanted for ourselves like this leather tote bag from Bottega Veneta, a backpack from Prada and a couple of accessories from Chanel and Roberto Cavalli. Ria loves hoarding everything she likes so I served as her big conscience, stopping her from instinctive buying. Yup, believe it or not, I am the self-control retail queen among my friends! But that reputation crushed when we went to H&M. I just couldn’t stop myself from buying four skinny trousers in different colors and a pair of denim-leather shoes. Damn! How I love H&M.

Edwin denim top, Forever 21 t-shirt, H&M trousers, Versace x H&M boots

I decided to go a little bit street this time which was composed of a simple Shakespeare-inspired tee, denim and leather boots. Something overly casual but stylish at the same time. I tried to look more masculine like those models off duty in New York, Milan and Paris but I guess you can’t expect that to happen especially if you’re an Asian twink sporting a short bob.


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O, Swear Not By The Moon

“O, swear not by the moon, the fickle moon, the inconstant moon, that monthly changes in her circle orb. Lest that thy love prove likewise variable”

– Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare

Took this photo the night before yesterday when the moon was so bright and in full circle. No matter what phase it is, there will always be something romantic about the moon. Its radiant beauty shining amidst the darkness of the night have already inspired a thousand poets, including the great Sir Shakespeare to write a number of literature that has surely surpassed time. On the other hand, it has also initiated fear in the hearts of many people for the full moon being associated with superstitious beliefs about werewolves and vampires. Some even say that people go lunatic when the moon is in its full circle. But whatever it is, for sure the moon can drive different emotions to people.

Just saying.


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Pretty Ladies With Pretty Purses

Last week, my girls Carey, Rexcy Ria and I decided to have a good time singing our lungs out at the karaoke and bar hopping at Roppongi and Shinjuku Ni-chome (thank you girls for partying with me the rainbow way). Actually, we just made an excuse to dress up ourselves and take our new bag acquisitions for a spin. Carey used a Goyard St Louis Tote bag, a vintage and one-of-a-kind Balenciaga for Rexcy and the stunning Bulgari Serpentine bag in python skin for Ria which made me drool like a deadly dog. As for me, I used my 3.1 Phillip Lim 31 hour bag.

I love how my girl friends and I argue, consult, debate, influence and stand by each other whenever we make our fashion purchases. I remember going to the store with Carey and Rexcy when they purchased these bags and with Ria when she was choosing which Serpentine bag to buy. We even give names to our bags like high school girls do which can be a good reason for you guys to get annoyed with us. Even if we’re broke or just had a costly buy, we tease each other whenever we see something from the shops that make us feel that fashion lust. Shopping is fun indeed but it’s more fun whenever you’re with very girl friends who support you all the way. Now, we’re on talks about what bags we gonna buy next time. I’m excited beyond Prada. *winks*


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Blame It On The Phillip Lim Bag

Oh yes please! For I only see myself wearing black and white whenever I wanna carry it with me. Or maybe I’m just not creative enough to mix and match my clothes with this very gorgeous bag. Whatever the reason is, I really like this look though. I gotta admit that it’s refreshing to see myself wearing basics without the bold colors and prints. Plus I love being Olympic-inspired with that Adidas logo on my socks just to put a little something on my plain black look.

H&M buttoned down shirt, Forever 21 shorts, Adidas socks, Zara shoes and 3.1 Phillip Lim bag


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Classic Beauty

Stop looking at me like that! I know I just got myself a new 3.1 Phillip Lim two-toned leather bag in black and white. But tell me, how can I resist this classic beauty when it’s staring right at me from the window store, begging me to buy her?

And yes, another blue acquisition. When I will stop my blue addiction is a question which won’t be answered soon. As of now, I will just enjoy my new 40cm Louis Vuitton Speedy bag in cobalt blue epi leather. It’s one of my dream bags and I just can’t believe it’s finally in my life now.


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Everything Basic

A crisp white buttoned down shirt, black trousers and black shoes. I don’t usually wear basics unless there’s a special occasion that requires me to tame down but wearing these  in a typical day of coffee and shopping with my girl friends felt sooooooo right. Though this look made me more serious and mature (not old), I see it as a vacation from all my bold colors and screaming prints.

H&M white buttoned down shirt and black trousers, Zara shoes, glasses from the department store and 3.1 Phillip Lim two-toned 31 hour bag

And finally, a new bag for me! It’s been a while since I saw a bag for the first time which made me sleepless for more than 3 days of not buying it. The 31 hour bag just did it to me with no mercy. I was window shopping online for my best friend’s birthday gift when I saw it and BOOM!!! It was love at first sight and I knew that my life wouldn’t be complete without it. I love the discreetness and simplicity of the 31 hour bag. It’s very light and spacious with a perfect size that makes it very functional and user-friendly. The special thing about it is its ability to have a totally different look just by folding the top part to the other side of the bag. Isn’t it a wise buy? I’m totally in love with my new bag.

And don’t you think black and white suit me?


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Unconsciously Favorite Color

Whenever I’m asked what my favorite colors are, I would always tell red, orange and yellow. If you’ve been my friend long enough, you would always see me wearing those colors. However, it feels quite bad to always leave blue behind. Like my friend Carey, it is my unconsciously favorite color. I don’t usually say it but it easily attracts me. I realized it when I notice that I already have a couple of looks here which featured myself wearing a blue ensemble. Maybe that’s also the effect of always pretending to love the color when I was younger for my playmates not to tease me of being gay. I always pick up something blue whenever I go shopping with my friends and end up purchasing them most of the time. One good example is my new blue suede loafer which I bought from Zara during their summer sale. I saw it in the store in a rainy Friday night and went back Sunday to buy it.

gifted shirt, glasses from the department store, Levi’s skinny denim jeans, and Zara shoes


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