Konnichiwa, everyone! Welcome to Jenne Chrisville. First of all, thank you so much for wasting some of your precious time to take a look or read whatever is written in this blog.

My name is Gervin, a native of the Philippines but lives in the beautiful city of Tokyo, Japan. I moved here in 2007 after graduating from college with a degree in education, major in English. Yup, guys! I am a teacher by training and I still teach. I am also am English/dance teacher in an international kindergarten school near Tokyo. I enjoy teaching and I believe that is something I wanna do for the rest of my life.

This blog, Jenne Chrisville, is about me and the things that I love and give me the motivation to write. I love a myriad of things. I love fashion, photography, art, theater, music, dancing, reading and a whole lot more. Life is too short and there’s so much out there to be done. And Jenne Chrisville shall be the mirror of my heart. You can find here my deepest desires, the things that I don’t like, the things that give me joy and the pains that make me cry but stronger. Jenne Chrisville is all about me. It’s not just a mere fashion blog but a way to know me better.

And the $ 738,557,394,048 question is…WHY JENNE CHRISVILLE?

A lot of my friends and bloggers from the net have been asking me that. They say it sounds mysterious. Some say posh. Some say it’s flirty. It’s kinda funny how I get a lot of reactions with my blog’s name. Well, the story behind the name Jenne Chrisville is just simple. It dates back to my high school days when everything was young and everything was as fresh as the morning air. I had a crush with this guy and I just combined our names into one, thinking that I could give this combined names to our children. You know those usual name mash ups that teenagers do when they like this person. That’s just it. I joined my name with my crush and I was able to come up with Jenne Chrisville. Last May, I started my blog and was thinking what name I could give myself. I remembered this name and voila! I got myself a blog name and a pseudonym.

So once again, thank you for visiting Jenne Chrisville! I hope to see more of you, guys, here in my blog.


PS: As of now, I am single and ready to mingle. Classy and smart guys are so in. :p

5 Responses to About

  1. beestow says:

    hello. kamusta? i want to go to japan too! heheh
    i like you’re blog! goodluck! 🙂

  2. hind says:

    hey! i really like you and i like your infos but there is just one thing that i’m very curious about o.O since you had a crush on a guy and you are a guy, does that mean that you’re gay (no offense at ALL if not ^_*) but i was just wondering 😀 and one more thing i’m a fan of yours! ;-D

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