When there’s nothing left to wear, one can always trust the basics not to let us down. A white buttoned down shirt, a pair of skinny denim jeans and some loafers will always do the trick. Simple things that will never ever fail to make you beautiful even when you’re merely sitting down or whatever. A brushed up hair can also help.


H&M shirt, D&G denim jeans and Zara shoes
(シャツ:H&M デニム:D&G 靴:ザら)


* Many people want a simple life but is simplicity that easy to attain now that we are surrounded by various complexities in life (luxury stuff, high technology and the likes)? Is simple *really* that simple?

* みんなはシンプルな生活が欲しいだけど、シンプルはあんな簡単に得ることが出来るかな?

* I myself wants to have a simple life too. Earn money while just sitting down and being pretty. That’s a very simple thing to do and yet, why is it simply attainable for others but not for me? Haay! Life’s fairly unfair.

* 俺はただ座るでお金を稼ぎたいな〜!それはシンプルなことでしょ。(笑)

* Some problems seem to be complicated but if you dissect them, they are actually simple. Example, if no one wants to take your photo for your outfit posts, you might as well buy yourself a tripod and trust your eyes and your camera’s timer.

* 難しいな問題で思てることがあるけど、私たちは諦めないとぜんぜん難しくないなことになることができる。



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6 Responses to Simple

  1. You look really posh in this outfit! I love the first photo the most because of how you pose your hands! Haha! I really miss hanging out with all of you and I really hope to see you soon! Sometimes, we might think having more is more but just recently I realized that “having less, and being more of who you are” is actually the most important thing.

  2. jacob dela fuente says:

    Simplicity is beauty… Simplicity nowadays have different meanings depending on who’s saying it. but the real sense of simplicity should be simply simple. And i like your attire it is a day saver for fashion conscious people. It is always in and never gets out of trend.

    Incidentally speaking of simplicity, in a different sense. As an architect, In the Philippines, buying and canvassing for good buys are not simple and could be really tiresome. But one thing i discovered, there are free services from DPC Yellow Canvass… i think this was once the directory system of PLDT (if im not mistaken though). I use this for my business and personal.

    Just watch this video (and enjoy the presenter himself)

  3. Xixianne says:

    For how long did you study Japanese before you got fluent? And I hope you do update your “A Teacher’s Life” section. I really do enjoy reading them. 😀

    • I didn’t formally study Japanese. Learned it through language immersion, self-study and karaoke.

      And thanks for dropping by! For sure I’ll update that category. Stay tuned. xxx

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