Painting The Town Red

Red has been a favorite color of mine since the good old days. I remember myself having tons of red pieces in my closet, mostly t-shirts since Manila has always a t-shirt kind of weather. It has also been incorporated with various meanings, some positive and others negative. No matter how one person or a whole bunch of people within the same culture sees it, it’s undeniable that red exudes a powerful aura incomparable to any color.

Red emanates power which a lot of people want for their own. They long to have power in any form- physical strength, financial power, political influence and so much more. I admit, I want to have power for myself too. I want to be taller and have a stronger body, a richer bank account and be someone who leaves an impact to people. But I mostly wish for the power to inspire. I wish I can be the kind who’s moving enough to make others see that life can be better if they learn to appreciate the beauty of what they have and to aspire bigger and bolder dreams. What’s more better in gaining respect because of your capability to touch scared and insecure hearts?

Uniqlo polo shirt, H&M printed trousers and shoes, Coach watch and belt, bracelets from Cebu, Philippines

Most of my friends tell me that I have bold choices when it comes to fashion. Strong and loud colors, overwhelming prints, unconventional cuts and the list goes on and on. They ask me why and how on earth do I wear those clothes. The answer is simple- courage. I always try to achieve being outstanding in the crowd, someone who doesn’t blend when the waters turn to a different color. In order to be different, it takes a lot of courage to wear daring clothes. People will misunderstand, judge or even discriminate you with your fashion choices but only the mediocre finds happiness in the approval of others.  True style daredevils don’t care what other people say, find themselves sighing in relief and itching to make a better look after creatively expressing their soul through their clothes.

In a world of almost 6 trillion people, not all of us have dreams of fashion but each one has a dream or two. Whether big or small, these dreams are the fuels of our hearts to make our lives more meaningful and directional. Dreaming is for free and there’s no amount required in having more than a million. But sadly, some lack the big C to make the first step in unfolding them into reality. Some aren’t courageous enough take to risks because of the fear of the unknown. Stepping your foot forward to the realization of your dreams is scary especially when there’s no guarantee of succeeding. But the greatest things happen because people were brave enough to overcome fear. Imagine if ancient people remained scared to get near fire, all you have in your plate now would be a big piece of bloody red meat and not a lip-smacking steak.

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One reason why many people are miserable because they have so much anger in their hearts. There is nothing wrong with being angry. It is part of human nature to fume out at times. Being destructively angry is. Instead of choosing happiness, some opt to hold heavy amounts of wrath that envelope them with evil. It is a very powerful emotion which usually leads people to do the regrettable…but it can be controlled. Holding your horses and taking a deep breath maybe a little too hard when you’re in boiling point. Yet giving yourself a break for 10-20 seconds to inhale-exhale and think about the consequences if you give in to your angered instincts can make a difference. Imagine how a few seconds of breathing out all the negativity can make you escape from the possibility of a life behind the bars.

I have been angry a few times and if I gave in to negativity, I swear I would already a f*cked up loser. I will definitely be sleeping in the streets now if I don’t have enough patience with all my mother’s nagging. My brother’s faces would be things of the past already if I choose to let loose of my fists whenever they don’t speak properly to our parents and start to act like unreasonable spoiled kids with no money in their pockets. I could have been a criminal if I chose to give in to anger. Thank God, I didn’t or else, I would be missing all of these great things I’m currently experiencing in life.

Love? Songs have been sung, words have been spoken and thoughts have been expressed because of love but have we really understood love along the way? Did those melodies helped us to understand what love is? Did those words perfectly describe how it is to fall for it? Have those thoughts been enlightening enough to guide us to have better relationships? As for me, love will always be a big mystery, something that we thought we’ve already conquered but then, it gets bigger and more mystic for us to comprehend. It’s a big ball of contradictions which will always be confusing but I only know this. Love is pure goodness, will never seek joy in hurting others and will change a person for the better ONLY.

The list won’t stop if I put all the interpretations of the color red. There’s a wide variety on how others see it but for me, red is a powerful color that should be handled with caution. Overuse it and it becomes too intimidating. Underuse it and it will surely be a big disappointment. Use your reds wisely. Know how to balance its strength with milder shaded colors. On the other hand, you can wear it as loud as you can but you better be brave to stand up for it. No one’s more annoying to hear than a person complaining about his choice of outfit.

How about you, guys? How do you see red? Do you see it as a lovely color or do you see blood?



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6 Responses to Painting The Town Red

  1. lalalalainat says:

    Colours say a lot and yes, the most important thing red represents is love. Red is also the motivation for life, no?

    Love the printed pants by the way. =)

  2. Great coordinate as always ❤ Red is also my fav colour… it just rocks up every outfit~

  3. rins says:

    Red is absolutely my all-time favorite color. I love what you said about “red is courage” because I want to be like that. I want to be able to express my individuality without being too mindful of how others would judge me. What matters most is how I feel about myself, right?

    May I add this: Red is passion. It took me awhile to embrace my passion for art and when I did, it made a lot of difference on my happiness.

    I so love this post. *hugs*

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