Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Japan 2012

This year’s FNO maybe tamer compared to last year’s when all 17 editors of Vogues all around the world, Anna Wintour included, dominated Tokyo but the fun was surely still alive and present in the streets of Aoyama, Omotesando and Harajuku. The energy was as high as that night’s humidity level and everyone was just too excited to shop around, have some free booze and get themselves freebies and extra services like photo ops, makeovers and hand painted portraits. But I think the best thing about this year’s FNO is the more observable participation of local brands and shops.

先週の土曜日に、友達たちと一緒にVogue Fashion’s Night Out Japanに行きました。湿度はすごく高かったと足も疲れたけど、本当に楽しかったです。

I spent the whole time with my girls Carey, Rexcy and Ria but it was also a night of bumping into old friends like Natalia who’s now a very beautiful pregnant woman, the always endearing Kjeld, the mesmerizing Misha and Diego who remains as handsome as he is. I was also delighted and nervous to finally meet the famous Anna Tsuchiya face to face at Roberto Cavalli. My hands and knees were shaking like 9.0 magnitude before and after taking a photo with her. She’s so beautiful and exudes a powerful aura.

FNOで久しぶりな友達たちと知り合いの人もいました。Tokyoholicのナタリアちゃん、Japanese Streets のキェルドさん、Tokyo Fashion Diariesのミシャさんと湯名なDJ Diegoが会いました。

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2 Responses to Vogue Fashion’s Night Out Japan 2012

  1. Looks like a lot of fun! Nice blog post :3 And photos 😀 That woman with green hair… I know her… she is MC for Kawaii International right ? Misha? Omg, u got to see her srsly *-*??

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