Ingrid Chua Go for Lifestyle Asia Philippines September 2012

My beloved Ingrid Chua Go of The Bag Hag Diaries has just landed on the cover of Lifestyle Asia Philippines, looking all lux, glam and sexaaaaaaaaay!!!!! Aside from her family life and an extra ordinary experience with THE Karl Lagerfeld, she talked about online cat fights which is a relevant issue now in the Philippines, especially in Twitter land. And no one is more credible tackling this issue than Ingrid herself- a woman of elegance…and a lot of love for designer bags.

I’ve always love Ingrid. Her writing style in her blog is so personal that she makes you see things in her own eyes and experience the world in her own perspective. I find it amazing whenever I read her articles for magazines and feature stories. Her writing style is so professional and faraway from how she writes in her blog but her witty and vivacious character remains in her words.

Aside from being a blogger and an experienced journalist, I personally adore Ingrid’s character. Though she always brushes her shoulders with Manila’s elite circle and trots the world for fashion weeks, Ingrid never forgets to stick her feet on the ground and will always prioritize the most important thing in life- her family. She can be a little bit intimidating when she starts talking about Hermes and Vuitton but she is a refined lady with sincere kindness who will never ever loose her grace no matter how angry she is. That is one of the things I’ve learned from the self-confessed shoe-and-bag-hag: even if someone has gravely wronged you, never ever say harsh things to that person. A sign of good breeding. We’ve only conversed through tweets and direct messages, I’ve always felt the genuine “online” friendship that we share. I love her and will always will.

So guys, please don’t forget to get a copy of Lifestyle Asia’s September featuring Ingrid “The Bag Hag” Chua Go!


PS: Photo courtesy of Lifestyle Asia’s Cheryl Tiu’s twitpic 


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2 Responses to Ingrid Chua Go for Lifestyle Asia Philippines September 2012

  1. J’adore. Thank you Gervin. You have always been so kind and so friendly as well! Hope to meet you one day!!! Tokyo 🙂

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