Bloggers United x Preview Magazine September 2012

The Philippines’ finest female style bloggers, Tricia Gosingtian, Laureen Uy and Camille Co, grace the cover of Preview Magazine for their Big Fashion Issue this September 2012. The cover features the girls wearing Filipino designer Cary Santiago’s origami inspired couture.

* Tricia deserves to be given a standing ovation for nailing this cover. Aside from having a naturally beautiful face, her total styling helped her to look perfect. Talk about absolute chicness and fabulousness. I think she should also be thankful for her blocking in this photo. It gives the the readers a good view of her silhouette and the dress.

* I’ve loved Camille Co ever since I discovered her blog. She is the true definition of “pretty” that’s why it’s amazing to see a different side of her in this cover. She looks super glamorous with that couture dress but I find the hair quite unflattering. The styling makes her look flat which is sad because her hair is one of her best assets. Nevertheless, she embodies a sexy chic woman who means business…fashion business specifically!

* To be honest, it’s Laureen who bothers me a lot here. There is no argument that she exudes sexiness in that bare back dress…sexiness as defined by an FHM editor. A person who isn’t aware of Cary Santiago’s origami inspiration will think that Laureen forgot her bra while holding a giant table napkin to cover her boobs. I don’t know but maybe Preview was trying to achieve a degree of comparison for the word sexy (Tricia= sexy, Camille= sexier, Laureen= sexiest). Well, if that’s the case, they succeeded there but in a men’s magazine’s point of view. It could have been better if the front part was shown a little bit more just to break the naked illusion and to show more of the couture dress’s beauty.

Overall, it’s not a bad cover. I actually like it (like 60%) because there is beauty and elegance to it. Big thanks to Cary Santiago’s classy and glamorous couture collection, which also makes this issue a must-buy for all Filipino fashion lovers. With these young ladies gracing its cover, Preview has totally extended its reach to a younger audience. Moreover, this cover is just a proof that bloggers have come a long way with their efforts to achieve originality and express creativity. It’s a great thing to witness that the world is starting to accept the fact that we have a unique voice that needs to be heard and we have the power to inspire. Bloggers are here to stay and no blogging regulation law can ever stop us from doing what we do.


PS: Photo courtesy of Preview Magazine’s Facebook account.


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