Best Summer

It’s just hard to resist the calling of the waves especially during a hot summer day. Though I was already tan enough from my recent beach getaway, I knew I just had to go one more time to put a conclusion to the best summer I’ve ever had in my entire existence. This time, I went with my beloved Rexcy and Carey who just came back to Japan after her trip to the Philippines. It was Carey’s first time to go to the beach in Japan plus she’s wearing this very sexy bikini that was boom boom sexy that’s why I had to capture the moment!!!! Check our beach photos in Carey’s blog HERE.



H&M tank top and sunglasses and D&G jeans

Thoughts about my summer


* Though I wasn’t able to go overseas like last year, my Kansai trip was definitely a blast. Not only that I have experienced the true essence of Japan in Kyoto and Nara, the warmth of Osaka people and the delectability of Kobe beef but that trip sealed my new found friendships which, I am sure, are for keeps.


* Though I “bully” some of my friends a lot of time, it doesn’t mean that I abhor them. It’s actually my way to show my love and care, giving them the attention they deserve from me. I know it’s weird but I think it’s better that way coz I tend to ignore people if I don’t like or care about them.


* It’s a great feeling to lend a helping hand to a needy friend and witness him/her rise above everything after a dark storm. It’s a great view to see him/her become more beautiful inside and out after being released from the chains of depression. It makes you feel that your purpose as a friend is totally complete.


* Most of the time, you lose something then gain more after. We let go of some things in our lives which are not meant for us to make space for more special and definitely better stuff.


I am so over summer now and I can’t wait for autumn.




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