This Is THE Life!!!!

There was no better way to conclude my summer than a day at the beach. I was so happy when my very sexy gurl Tina invited me to have a good time at Kamakura together with Sofia and Shoko (who eventually became my friends too). It was the perfect day to spend by the beach. The water was not that cold for a swim, the sun was just right for a tan and the beach wasn’t that crowded which was perfect for some peace of mind. We shared the day with a lot of getting-to-know pep talks, booze, men-viewing and dipping in the sea.

I was having second thoughts if I should post my photos in this beach entry coz I am not confident enough to show my half-naked body due to my tummy issues. Thanks to the present generation that made me feel that going to the gym and body building are essential before hitting the beach! But duh!!! Who cares anyways??

Click for more photos.

Earning dough without working and spending your day at the beach with a great company of friends. THIS IS THE LIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFE!!!!!



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