Kyoto is the former capital of Japan and the well known imperial seat of the Japanese government in the West. It boosts a number of sites that are enlisted in the UNESCO Heritage list because of its richness in culture and tradition.

It was a hot day when we decided to go and look around Tokyo for the last day of our Kansai adventure. Kyoto is just extremely beautiful with its preserved historical sites and landscape. I can’t believe that the neighborhood in this city are very consistent with the traditional vibe of the city. If you wanna experience modern Japan, go to Tokyo. But if you wanna experience the REAL Japan, go to Kyoto.

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The Kyoto station is extremely huge and the architecture and interior of this structure is so modern that it looks like an airport. It’s a proof that Kyoto is also coping up with the times while maintaining its rich traditional reputation.

The famous Higashiyama district that is popular for its well preserved historic look.

Oh goodness! I’m telling you. If you are planning a trip to Kyoto, you have to get ready for a big slap from your weighing scale after. Kyoto is also well known for their luscious sweet treats. The stores offer free taste for everyone and they can eat as much as they want until they’re too full to eat a proper meal. Cold tea is also served to neutralize their tongues before eating another type of sweet.

They are not maikos/geisha. They are Japanese girls wearing yukata- a traditional Japanese summer outfit. There is also a male version of this beautiful piece of clothing.

Kyoto’s summer heat got the best of us sweating so Ria, Rexcy and I decided to wear the jinbei which are also Japanese traditional summer clothing but more laid back than the yukata. We got these from a Japanese brand called Honeyz. Aren’t they cute?

My girl Ashley in action. So happy that she joined us in Kyoto. Her SPINNS stockings was so cute.

After a long drive from Kyomizudera Temple (the first photo above with a big wooden terrace), we went to the famous Kinkakuji, a zen temple which is all covered with golden leaves. It’s a wonder!

There were so many spots that we weren’t able to stop by like the famous Gion, the Fushimi Inari shrine, Ginkakuji and many more. But the thing I regret the most is not actually meeting a geisha/maiko. I was expecting to see one during our stay but time and luck didn’t permit it. Sigh! Another reason for me to go back to Kyoto.

And that, folks, is the last leg of my summer adventure at Kansai (USJ at Osaka, Nara and Kobe included). I hope you enjoyed them. I just can’t believe that I have to go to work after a few days from today. Sigh!


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  1. omgomgomg I wanna go there too ;_____; ❤

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