Todaiji Temple, Nara

I was so tempted to make “Nara” as this entry’s title but since my girls and I visited only one temple, I decided to scrap the idea out. So after having lunch and looking around Namba in Osaka, we took the rapid train and went straight to Nara to visit the Todaiji temple.

Nara City is the capital of Nara Prefecture which is located at the Kansai region of Japan. Formerly known as Heijo, it was the seat of the Japanese government during the Nara period from 710-784. It is where the UNESCO Heritage Site Todaiji temple is located which houses the Great Buddha Vairocana, the largest bronze Buddha statue in the world with a height of 15 meters. The main hall of Todaiji is also the world’s largest wooden structure.

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Herds of wild deer (which are believed to be the gods’ guardians and messengers) are one of the main attractions of the temple and Nara city itself. They walk around freely in the area, begging visitors to feed them with rice crackers (which can be bought along the road leading to the entrance of the complex). My friend Rexcy wanted to experience feeding and being mobbed by these animals so she bought a pile of crackers. The herd immediately run to her even before untying the food and got too scared when one deer bit her at the side. She threw all the crackers to my direction and all of them immediately came to me. Not wanting to be experience the same thing, I immediately went away while laughing my heart out. It was so funny that that we forgot to take a photo or video of that hilarious moment. Too bad! Hahaha!

Ria told me that the view of the main hall is overwhelmingly beautiful when she first went there. You know what? I felt the same thing. I couldn’t stop myself from admiring the beauty that was lying right before my eyes. It made me thank God for giving me the chance to live in a very beautiful country.

I really find this scale models of the Todaiji temple complex amazing. They even made a model of the Great Buddha which is also inside the main temple.

One of the columns of the temple has this hole which is the same size as the nostrils of the Great Buddha. It is said that if one is able to go through it, that person will receive enlightenment in his next life. Apparently, I got stuck in the middle so if you think about it, I will look like a peeping booger in the Buddha’s nose.

Next stop, Kobe!




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