Unconsciously Favorite Color

Whenever I’m asked what my favorite colors are, I would always tell red, orange and yellow. If you’ve been my friend long enough, you would always see me wearing those colors. However, it feels quite bad to always leave blue behind. Like my friend Carey, it is my unconsciously favorite color. I don’t usually say it but it easily attracts me. I realized it when I notice that I already have a couple of looks here which featured myself wearing a blue ensemble. Maybe that’s also the effect of always pretending to love the color when I was younger for my playmates not to tease me of being gay. I always pick up something blue whenever I go shopping with my friends and end up purchasing them most of the time. One good example is my new blue suede loafer which I bought from Zara during their summer sale. I saw it in the store in a rainy Friday night and went back Sunday to buy it.

gifted shirt, glasses from the department store, Levi’s skinny denim jeans, and Zara shoes



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2 Responses to Unconsciously Favorite Color

  1. audrina1759 says:

    Blue looks good on you though

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