Elle Girl Night Party Vol. 10

Last Tuesday, I attended the Elle Girl Night Party at Fiat Cafe with a dress code of a band member’s girlfriend. I don’t have an idea where they exactly got that and since I’m a boy, I decided to just dress up like a boy band member. I think I wasn’t successful coz I turned into a preppy sailor. Not bad I think! The event was also graced by Elle Girl’s resident blogger Risa Nakamura who DJ-ed in the first part of the party and the famous model/singer Sara Mary who had a Q&A with the guests and a live performance of her 70’s rock inspired songs.

It was a 久しぶり night for me, being reunited with my friends and common faces that I see in the Tokyo party scene. I was so glad to see the peeps from Trip’s Angels– Maho, Trip and Mai who just recently came back from LA after giving birth to the very cute Zooey. I also saw my very sexy girl Kelly with the dashing Robbie and shared a few catch up talks about school and other “diva” stuff. LOL! And as always, my boy Kenny never fails to swoon me just by being 100% handsome. I also noticed that his arms got more defined than before and he told me that he started to hit the gym since some months ago in preparation for the upcoming Elle Girl Summer Beach Party entitled “Lost In Vacation” which will be coming next month. Can’t wait! And of course, the night was complete when I was finally reunited with Megumi and my one and only Sho who just also came back to Tokyo 2 weeks ago after his 3 month portfolio preparation course in Central Saint Martins in London. You just don’t have any idea how happy I was to see them again and share some quality T-I-M-E over some drinks.

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Everyone was all eyes on me during Mai chan’s turn in the DJ booth because I was taking the stage as if it was all mine. Mai played a lot of pop songs including Britney, Katy Perry and some KPop, hence, my disability to resist busting my moves LOL! Trip and Kenny insisted to hand me the mic to raise the party’s energy level but I was too shy to do it since the girls looked so cute and meek. I didn’t want to scare them with my party animal/frustrated pop singer antics. Hahaha! After the event, there were a couple of girls who asked if they could take their pics with me and some even told me that they’ve seen my blog before and really liked it. So happy to hear such words!

Fun times, indeed! I can’t wait to hit the beach ala Elle Girl x Trip’s Angels.



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