Rainy Days

First question: Why does the rain make me feel emo? Second question: Where is my summer sun?

Hang Ten polo shirt and Forever 21 fedora hat

Outside, the rain is pouring.
And for sure, a thousand poets out there
Are all inspired with the wet melancholy it gives
Rhyming words, undecipherable metaphors
I can hear every drop that lands in the window
Like every teardrop falling from sorrowful eyes
And the wind blows with a frightening sound
A cry that seems to never end.
As it pours endlessly, several memories come back
Mostly heart-breaking ones.
Now don’t stare at me like some kind of murderer.
You are the one who murdered me
You killed me with your smile
You killed me with your lies
You killed me with your promises
You killed me with the way you broke them…together with my heart.
When all it ever did was to love you.
If a love is so great but is not meant to be,
Where does all that love go?
Do you keep it in your heart or do you cry it all out
Until it dries up like a river in famine?
Do you roll in the deep or do you try to find someone like him?
Or do you stop listening to Adelle and forget about it?
And the worst part is when the rain stops falling
but your heart doesn’t.



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