Too Bad, It’s Not Hermes

Last week Friday night was such a blast that I ended up sleeping over at my friend Tetsuya’s house after being knocked down by several tequila shots. The next day, he showed me this deck of cards that he got when he bought this $500 scarf from Hermes. The cards were not for gambling but it was an instruction guide on how to use the scarf in so many ways. It was so amazing that Tetsuya wanted to try it on me. I was game about it but kinda disappointed when he didn’t use the Hermes scarf but rather, some overused bandana he found in his closet. LOL! This is the result.

Bandana by Tetsuya and H&M t-shirt

A hippie, a rebel or a faith healer? You choose.



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2 Responses to Too Bad, It’s Not Hermes

  1. Beibei Wu says:

    Still love it even if its not from Hermes!!! ❤

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