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Classic Beauty

Stop looking at me like that! I know I just got myself a new 3.1 Phillip Lim two-toned leather bag in black and white. But tell me, how can I resist this classic beauty when it’s staring right at me … Continue reading

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Everything Basic

A crisp white buttoned down shirt, black trousers and black shoes. I don’t usually wear basics unless there’s a special occasion that requires me to tame down but wearing these  in a typical day of coffee and shopping with my … Continue reading

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Unconsciously Favorite Color

Whenever I’m asked what my favorite colors are, I would always tell red, orange and yellow. If you’ve been my friend long enough, you would always see me wearing those colors. However, it feels quite bad to always leave blue … Continue reading

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Elle Girl Night Party Vol. 10

Last Tuesday, I attended the Elle Girl Night Party at Fiat Cafe with a dress code of a band member’s girlfriend. I don’t have an idea where they exactly got that and since I’m a boy, I decided to just … Continue reading

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Florals For Summer

I was taking a shower and was having second thoughts at the same time if I should wear this to meet my friends or not. It’s loud, busy and floral. Wearing it will only give me the piercing looks and … Continue reading

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Will You Be My Friend?

There are so many reasons why you never should: I’m sometimes sullen, often shy, acutely sensitive, My fear erupts as anger, I find it hard to give, I talk about myself when I’m afraid And often spend the day without … Continue reading

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Riusuke Fukahori 深堀隆介 x Matohu

Last Friday night, instead of getting wasted with tequila shots, I decided to attend the opening event of the Riusuke Fukahori x Matohu collaboration at the latter’s shop in Omotesando. Fukahori is a Japanese artist who is well known for his … Continue reading

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Swim In The Sunset

My friends just don’t believe me when I say that summer in Japan is so much worse than the Philippines’. During the hot season, Tokyo is as humid as f*ck that it’s even eeky during rainy days. Instead of feeling … Continue reading

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Rainy Days

First question: Why does the rain make me feel emo? Second question: Where is my summer sun? Hang Ten polo shirt and Forever 21 fedora hat Outside, the rain is pouring. And for sure, a thousand poets out there Are … Continue reading

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Koko and Yosuke Autumn Winter Collection 2012

Though I was tired from all the dancing and teaching I did at work, I just couldn’t afford to miss my dear friends Koko and Yosuke, especially now that they are debuting their autumn and winter collection. The power duo … Continue reading

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Good Time by Owl City Feat. Carly Rae Jepsen

Now that Tokyo’s temperature is rising and the humidity is starting to kill, haters gonna hate but I’m declaring summer through Carly Rae Jepsen. Now that Carly dropped her phone in the pool, you can’t call her maybe anymore. *chu*

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Too Bad, It’s Not Hermes

Last week Friday night was such a blast that I ended up sleeping over at my friend Tetsuya’s house after being knocked down by several tequila shots. The next day, he showed me this deck of cards that he got … Continue reading

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Likely 2 weeks ago, I noticed that my most active time in Twitter is every morning whenever I’m on my way to work. You can say that I have Twitter for breakfast everyday but what’s a talkative person gotta do … Continue reading

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Viva Forever: The Musical

OMG! What can be better than my favorite girl band in the world reuniting for a musical based on their discography? Knowing the Spice Girls, I bet Viva Forever: The Musical will be so much fun, energetic and overflowing with … Continue reading

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