Sunday Overchic

Last weekend, I attended my girl friend Carey’s “Sunday chic” birthday party. Though I don’t usually go to church every Sunday, I tried my best to look like I’m going to mass but with a touch of myself. I wore these floral trousers I got from Zara which I think is the best buy I had last spring. They’re so perfect that they make my ass look firm and tight. Sounds inappropriate but it’s true. Even Carey herself told me my bottom looked so yummy. I appreciated the compliments but they would feel so much better if they came from a hot muscled surfer guy. Ha!!!!!!

However, I really felt overdressed when I came in to the party. I expected *EVERYONE* to conform to the Sunday chic dress code but it turned out that only the ladies followed it. All of the gentlemen, except for me, were in their casual shirts, jeans and sneakers. It’s kinda funny how a usual over dresser like me felt over dressed for the first time. It just doesn’t sound right but whatever! At least my ass got some flattery it needed.

H&M shirt, SPINNS Harajuku pendant, Zara trousers and shoes



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2 Responses to Sunday Overchic

  1. Akin na lang yung pants, please?

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