Time To Go Discreet

Enough of the bright colors and loud prints! Enough of the androgyny and the flamboyance. Enough of being too feminine and overtly gay! It’s time for me to go discreet and add more masculinity to my system.

*pukes* Nah! It just won’t happen. Flamboyance is my nature and it’s something that will never be taken away from me. If it’s Gervin, it should be flamboyant. But in this case, allow me to manifest the inner macho man in me. I think macho will never EVER gonna fit me. Gervin being macho is so wrong in all aspects.

H&M beanie, The GAP tank top, ASOS camo shorts, Levi’s shoes and gifted bracelets

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But what’s not wrong is buying this pair of shorts from ASOS. It was my first time to buy clothes online because I was afraid to do it before. Numbers are not my thing and it’s not enough for me to know my body statistics so I need to personally try on clothes and see if they perfectly fit me before purchasing. I don’t wanna waste my moolah simply because I bought the wrong size. But now that I’ve tried it, I think I’m gonna do online shopping more often coz it saves more money and energy. The only agonizing thing about it is the waiting it requires until your acquisitions arrive on your door.



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9 Responses to Time To Go Discreet

  1. Gervin, you fabulous child you, i nominated you for the “very inspiring blogger” award!
    here you go: http://brownponytail.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/very-inspiring-blogger-award/

  2. I love how you can shift certain looks from feminine to masculine and so on. That’s what I love the most about fashion and style.

    Loves it! X

  3. I love this casual look on you! I want your beanie!!! ❤

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