I only wear wigs whenever there is a costume party or whenever I feel goofy. I never take them seriously. But my Tokyo girl Misha of Tokyo Fashion Diaries is taking them to a higher level with her new line of luxury accessory wigs Plumb (the first ever in the world). Don’t expect any of those boring plain-looking hairs that you usually see everywhere. This unique brand offers styled wigs which are based on runway looks and hairstyle trends featured on magazines. It’s the perfect accessory for people who want to experiment with their looks but are afraid to gamble on their personal style. They are heat resistant and can be plied with hair irons so it means that you can still put your personal touch on them whenever you want. The scalp caps are natural-looking and are also made from adjustable breathable nets. The best part is that each design is made in a limited number of pieces which means that you’ll hardly find another person with the same wig anywhere.

No one understands Japanese fashion more than Misha. She proved this when she chose Tokyo to be the birthplace of Plumb. People know no boundaries and push the limits when it comes to dressing up here thus, making it the perfect place for an accessory wig brand that is trendy but is very respectful to the individuality of its customer. Notice the Tokyo inspiration in her campaigns. The bravery, edginess and fun of the city are all present!

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