Tokyo Sky Tree

It was a beautiful Sunday and my folks at home didn’t want to waste the sunshine outside so my stepdad, mom and I had a date at the newly opened Tokyo Sky Tree. Though we weren’t able to go up to the observatories because they were fully booked until July, seeing the tower face to face is already enough to marvel about this modern architecture wonder. Whenever I see intimidating and gigantic structures like this, I can’t help but be amazed with man’s intelligence and greatness.

Standing 634 meters (2,084 feet) from the ground, the Tokyo Sky Tree is considered as the tallest tower in the world and the second tallest structure next to the Bhurj Khalifa in Dubai.  It was built to serve as a transmitter for television and radio broadcasting signals in the Kanto area. The base of the tower serves as a commercial center of food, souvenir shops, clothing and the new Sumida Aquarium while there are two observatories (350 and 450 meters) above that offer breathtaking views not only of Tokyo but of the whole East region of the county.

I know this will not be the last time for me to visit the Tokyo Sky Tree. I know I got to get my ass up to the observatories and take pictures of the views from the top of this architectural colossus. But I have to wait for some time until walk-in tickets are available. For now, I just have to be contented by being stalked by the Sky Tree. Personally, I call it my Herculean stalker because I have a good view of it from my house and at my workplace. I also haven’t visited the Sumida Aquarium because my dad didn’t want to go for obvious reasons that it was a jam-packed family day. I think those are reasonable enough to be back.

Click for more photos

I don’t know if it’s just me or what but did you notice that the surroundings are like color coordinated with the Sky Tree?



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