Boys, Beware!

Boys, beware of those girls that you flirt with in the club. You may think that you have swag because you’re able to take her home and bang her crazy like a porn star. But you might be surprised when you wake up the next day and wonder who’s sleeping with you on your bed.

Boys, beware for you are not aware with the wonders (and horrors) of make up! Be afraid. Be veeeeeeerrrrryyyyyy afraid!


Credit: Photo from 美妝分享粉絲團 Facebook Page


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One Response to Boys, Beware!

  1. Awesome how she can transform just like that… it’s an ability XD!
    But I’ve seen so many of these in the web already… most of them japanese gals/gyaru girls have this secret ;____; Still, they do look lovely 😡
    I think you could compare this to some models or other prominent people… without make up they look absolutely normal, some might even call them ugly. I guess Kate Moss is a good example? Or, damn, Madonna 🙂

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