Give My Feet A Chance

I knew I had to wear something very simple for this new pair of Hawaiian floral sneakers I got last month. I should give it the spotlight it deserved so I paired it with a pair of basic denim shorts and a souvenir tee from my mom which she got last March when she visited the American island paradise. She was already wearing it on her way to my sister’s sports festival when I asked her to take it off coz I wanted to wear it with my shoes. I gave the favor back by letting her borrow a pink polo shirt from my closet. I wore this when I toured my friend Jowen around Tokyo and went to the club with the same outfit in Shinjuku. When my friends saw me wearing this, they were all wondering why I was wearing something very “unusual” of me. “Where have the colors gone by?” they asked. Well all I could say was since my face is already beautiful, I should sometimes give my feet a chance. LOL!

I kid! I just love it when the weather in Tokyo is so warm (or hot) that I can wear something Manila-ish.

souvenir shirt from Hawaii, EDWIN denim shorts, H&M sunglasses and Converse ankle-length sneakers


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4 Responses to Give My Feet A Chance

  1. citybuoy says:

    Love the shoes too! At ang haba na ng hair mo! Antagal ko nang hindi nakakadaan dito. Nakablock sa office eh. 😦

  2. His Fashion Blog says:

    Love the shoes!!

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