I went to Asakusa last weekend with my grade school friend Jowen who came all the way from Nagoya. He told me that even if he was visiting the very modern capital of Japan, he still wants a touch of culture for his trip. With that in mind, I took him to Asakusa which is the perfect place for what he wanted.

Asakusa used to be the center of entertainment for early Japan, housing famous kabuki theaters and a large red light district. As Japan moved towards modernity, the kind of entertainment also improved like the Denkikan, the first movie theater in the country. Unfortunately, the popularity of Asakusa declined after being destroyed during the 2nd World War. Though it was rebuilt after the horrible war, it was replaced by other districts in the metropolis like Shinjuku, Roppongi, Shibuya and others. Nevertheless, it never lost its reputation as a “must visit” whenever in Tokyo because of the preservation of historical architecture like the famous Sensoji Temple, which serves to be the district’s landmark and the Kaminarimon gate which is the main entrance towards the temple. Both were built during the 7th century. For more information about Asakusa, click HERE.

If there is something that I like about Asakusa, it’s the merge of traditional and contemporary Japan. Though the richness of Japanese culture and history is well preserved in the temples and other nearby buildings, the modern face of the city is visible through the presence of state-of-the-art architecture like the famous Asahi building and the newly opened Tokyo Sky Tree which is the tallest tower in the world.

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