David Beckham Covers British Elle July Edition

No! I’m not gonna behave appropriately specially after seeing the historical cover of Elle UK July edition. No, I’m not!

David Beckham creates history in Elle UK as the first solo male to grace the cover of the magazine. Becks was chosen to be the face (and the body) of the magazine in celebration of the upcoming London 2012 summer olympics. The cover has two versions- first one is for subscribers which features a shirtless David that reveals his glorious inked body and a pair of skin tight Dior Hommes jeans while the second one shows a tamer but still sexy portrait of the 37 year old footballer.

He’s just the perfect choice for a momentous cover- handsome, gorgeous, successful and a true British male icon. And for sure, if a man is going to take over the cover of a women’s magazine, he ought to be the one of the most handsome men that ever stepped on this earth.

I don’t wanna miss this issue…and I bet you, girls and gays, are feeling the same. We all want a piece of Beckham, that’s true! LOL!


PS: Photos from Elle UK


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