I remember a friend calling me “jejemon” (a Filipino pop subculture equivalent to the hipsters who have managed to make their own language which is almost similar to leetspeak) when I wore a white version of this Angry Birds’ shirt. Being called a jejemon in the Philippines can be quite insulting but since I have been friends with her since we were 14, I actually didn’t mind. That’s how confident and relaxed I am with our friendship. Maybe she’s right after all. Maybe I am a Filipino version of a hipster who’s hiding behind my ridiculous desires of luxury goods and high-end fashion.

Haters gonna hate but if being a jejemon means wearing these cute and colorful t-shirts all the time, I wouldn’t mind being one. The time I’ve spent living in Japan was enough to expose me to different styles and trends. It has made me very open-minded and accepting to people who express their individuality through the clothes they wear. And this people include the jejemons and their fashion. This look maybe trashy to the eyes of some but for me, it’s very easy, laid-back and comfortable which are essential for me. With that in mind, I’m giving a shout out to all the jejemons out there who are persecuted by the so-called elitists  for expressing who they are through their style and choice of spelling.

However, you will never ever see me write in a jeje speak…ever!!! I’m not against their choice of clothes but the English teacher in me chooses to write in a more appropriate way.

Shirt from SM Department Store, H&M denim pants, SPINNS Harajuku baseball cap, gifted bracelet and Nike shoes

And now, for a comparison analysis.

Confirmed! LOL!


PS: Photo courtesy of Dust In The Wind


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