Though fresh from an early morning asthma attack that made me go to the hospital really early (imagine 6:45am), that didn’t stop me to go for a picnic with my girl Tina. It was a very sunny Sunday and I didn’t want to waste the chance for a bit of sunshine to touch my face (after applying sun screen, of course). We bought some McDonald’s before heading to Yoyogi Park which was packed with a bunch of people- families, friends and street performers. That’s the logic why this photo diary is filled with portraits and candid shots of peeps around the park. It was fun spending time with Tina, eating under a tree while watching a group of jugglers practice and father-and-son pairs playing ball. After munching our burgers and fries, we decided to listen to music with my IPad and eventually sing to the songs. We even tried blending our voices and we ended up perfecting Alone by Heart. Now we have a new karaoke duet song in the list and I’m intending to put some more.

Though I love going to the clubs, I would rather spread a sheet in the park and have a good time with my friends. It’s more relaxed, non-stressful and definitely more fun than dancing with a bunch of strangers, getting wasted and having a bad case of hangover the next day. That gets worse if you realize you’re lying naked next to somebody who looks like a foot of someone who decided not to put on any kind of footwear for 10 years.

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