Three Tips From Anna Dello Russo

Definitely, Vogue Nippon’s editor-at-large and self-confessed fashion maniac Anna Dello Russo is one of those people to look up to in the world of fashion. This is probably the reason why Swedish mega-brand H&M decided to do their next collaboration with the style icon. In line with the said project, here’s a video of Anna, sharing three tips that everyone can follow when styling one’s self.

I’ve lived to the same philosophies even before I’ve seen this video. This might be an indication that Anna Dello Russo was my mom in my past life. Why not? I would love to wear gigantic cherrieseggs and even swans on my head.



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2 Responses to Three Tips From Anna Dello Russo

  1. I adore this woman. Her confidence in herself and the risks she takes – so inspiring! Oh and nevermind me scrolling far back in your blog.

    • I love Anna. I was able to talk to her for a minute. Felt like she’s also a genuine person.

      No worries, Moe! You can look at my retro posts for as long as you want. xoxo

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