Kika Style Autumn-Winter Collection 2012

My friend Sayoko who owns the shop Kika Style invited me for the presentation of her autumn-winter collection for this year. Located in a slightly secluded area in fashionable Aoyama, Kika Style is the type of shop which caters to every kind of fashionista there is with their wide range of accessories, from classics to edgy street style. I’m not into accessories but I feel like buying everything there is whenever I visit her shop especially the very cute Mich Dulce hats in display. Philippine fashion represent!!!

Click for more photos and reads.

Sayoko’s son, Yu, is also one of Kika Style’s featured designer. His shirts are handmade and are printed with his own photos which vary from pop art, street photography, portraits etc.

KIka Style also sells one of the Philippines’ top hand-woven bag producers, SC Vizcarra.

JEAQ skull accessories which is one of Kika Style’s best sellers.

I was awed in beauty when I saw these very posh clutch bags by Hongkong-based accessory brand Babe. Though most pieces from Babe are bejeweled, the label also created some animalier bags which are made from rabbit and pony fur. I love how elegant they are spacious enough to carry the basics.

Though it’s an AW exhibition, Sayoko also showcased some of her colorful floral and fruity accessories which are really cute.


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