Mommy, The Pink Is Natural

If there is something that I am thankful to human kind, it’s the invention of lip creams. I can never survive the winter season when the air is dry and my lips are all wind burned. I just wanna cry whenever I feel that scorching pain around my lips and there’s no medicated menthol stick around that can save me.

I gave my students a few minutes to rest during my dance class. I was in the middle of applying lip cream when one girl came to me and told me:

“Teacher, my mom told me that you wear lipstick because your lips are pink. She wouldn’t believe me even if I told her that you only put on a normal menthol lip cream.”

I didn’t know how to react to what she said. Even long before, a lot of people have been very skeptical about my lips. They always think that I put on lip stick because they are unbelievably pink for a boy. And the level of doubt from people amplifies, given my sexual preference. Even if I wipe my lips with tissue in front of everyone, it seems like it’ll never be enough for them to believe that I don’t need cosmetics to make them look pinker. I maybe gay but I’m not *THAT* gay. I know when to be a queen and when to tone myself down, especially at work which requires me to be presentable and respectable (which I try to  achieve to the best of my ability).

So I picked my lip cream again from my pocket, showed it to my student and said, “Tell your mother that you just saw me using this average menthol lip cream in the middle of class once she picks you up today from school.”

Though only 5, I wanna thank my student for defending me from her mom. I don’t know but I guess some full-time housewives need to be focused on being more domesticated and stop gossiping about others.


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