Fashion Is An Art

Are you guys aware of Pose?

It’s a new smart phone application that allows users to share their fashion looks and be connected to other fashionistas as well. It’s similar to Lookbook (more like a mobile version of it, actually) only with different teminologies (look=pose, hype=love, comment=talk). It’s also a very fast and convenient way to share your looks (oops! I mean pose) because you don’t need those prerequisite processes that you do in making a Lookbook post. All you have to do is to ask a friend to take your picture or find a mirror where you can take a shot of your reflection, upload it, tag the brands of each clothing in your look and voila! You have one pose. Interesting right? Pose can also be a source of inspiration for future outfits.

So one day I posted this look (oh please let me use this because the word pose really sounds inappropriate) which I’ve already featured here in JC last year and I was lucky enough to be chosen as one of their featured poses in their Discover page. This means that I get the privilege to have more exposure from other Posers (hmmm! I think Pose should credit me for coining this term) and have the possibility to gain more loves, talks and followers.

Click for more photos and reads

Apparently, it got more loves and talks compared to my former poses. But you know, not all talks are good. Exposure may be good but there’s always two sides in a coin. Indeed, there’s a possibility to gain more followers yet there’s also a big chance to get some words that you don’t really like hearing (or reading in this case) from other people.

I know that these girls didn’t insult me directly but it’s clear that they had a problem with how I dress. I completely understand that I defied the stereotypical fashion choices of men but I think that it doesn’t need to be a big deal. Pose is supposed to be a venue where people can share their creativity, be appreciated for who they are and how good they look, regardless of their race, gender or whatever. It should not be a place where they are stoned because of their personal fashion choices. Fashion is an art for it expresses a man’s thoughts and feelings. Therefore, if you don’t respect his style, then you don’t respect him wholly as a person.

Little girl, I know that you are young and there’s so many things that you still have to know so let me tell you this. Tact is one of the most important things in this world and I’ve learned my lesson on it the hard way. There were countless times when I didn’t watch my words and I paid the consequences of firing them without even thinking. If there is nothing nice that will come out of your lips, it’s better to keep them shut. Or if you have a talent in euphemism, you may use this to express your point in a more polite manner. But you see, gender issues are sensitive that one wrong word will make your statement all taboo even if you mean something good (but as far as I can see it in this case, you’re just prying to know whether I’m gay or not). So I guess it’s better to keep your nose out of someone else’s business.

I know that it’s a small thing and I could have just brushed this off my shoulders but I think I need to do my part in educating the world, especially the youth, when it comes to fashion, style, manners and LGBT #101. A lot of homosexual teens commit suicide because they feel like they don’t belong to the society with all the bullying they get from others. Because of their vulnerability and lack of knowledge, they choose to take away their gift of life which deprives them the opportunity for them to be the best persons they can be. People, specifically heterosexuals, should be educated about the fact that they share this planet with gay people and they should accept, understand and respect this truth.  And this should also be taught to younger generations since they are the ones who will be running the society once we all depart from this earth to go to our ultimate destination. They are the ones who’s gonna shape the future so they have to realize that in order to achieve the peace that everyone wants, they need accept and respect. We and our bright colors are here to stay.

That’s all!

PS: If you guys are in Pose, please do follow me. Username is gervinmacey. See you there!


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