Yukiko Hanai Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

It was my second time to attend a Yukiko Hanai show and I must say, I really love it that she always holds her shows in a venue with a thrust stage. It accommodates more guests and there is a lesser chance of suffocating because there is enough space for air to circulate.

Yukiko Hanai’s 2012 autumn-winter collection stays true to the characteristics of the women who wears the brand- classy and glamorous. This collection featured feminine silhouettes with very clean lines, catering to women of different age brackets through her choice of colors- bright solid hues, earth tones, blacks and grays. She started the show with this pair of beige pieces which were matched with long gloves and baroque boots and topped with a mongolian fur hat. From then, the colors expanded from bright pieces of green, blue, orange and the likes which give a younger vibe with their cuts and style. As the show goes on, it featured more mature pieces of black, gray and red, even red carpet gowns of velvet which were really glamorous as they were accented with sparkling crystals. There was an interesting variety in the accents and choice of materials of the collection. There was an abundance of florals which was featured in different ways. Embroidered, knit, oversized accent- name it and Hanai sensei has it. Speaking of oversized, flowers shared the extra-large limelight with bows which were usually put on the waist and shoulder areas. Moreover, there were cameos of grapes and feathers added maturity in the pieces. But Mongolian fur has to be the favorite of Hanai sensei for this season, putting it anywhere to the head, neck, body and cuffs. She concluded her show with this elegant red velvet dress with crystals on the breast area while petals of red roses fell from the ceiling like rain which gave such an ambiance of femininity.

Yukiko Hanai featured a lot of looks during the show that I have to trim it down to the pictures which made it to my favorite list. Also, I love the small details of the collection which I will feature in a separate post. I also tried uploading the final walk of the show in YouTube but due to copyright issues in the musical score of the show, the audio was turned off by the site so I uploaded it in JC’s Facebook page. Watch the final video HERE. Without further adieu, here are my favorite looks from the Yukiko Hanai autumn-winter 2012 collection show.

Click for more photos.


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One Response to Yukiko Hanai Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

  1. Jennie Johansson♥ says:

    I love every piece of this collection! Thank you for sharing!!! Have a wonderful Monday! hugs Jennie

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