Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn Winter 2012 Final Walk Videos

Let me share to you some of the final walk videos that I took last fashion week. I was battling if I was gonna take them with my camera or my phone. Use my camera and I’d lose precious bytes for photos. Use my phone and I’d have not-so-good-quality videos. Well I chose the latter because I prefer taking pictures. Hahaha! Apologies if most of them are shaky or blurred.

Also, I told you before that I wasn’t able to take a pic of that butt naked man at the Christian Dada’s finale. Well, guess what? I found a video in my phone and was able to capture the moment though it wasn’t that good because you can only see a small derriere. from afar LOL! Nevermind! We are here to appreciate fashion, not to drool on some sexy back.

Christian Dada Final Walk

Christian Dada Final AVP

Nozomi Ishiguro


Click for more videos.

In Process by Hall Ohara

Whiz Limited


Motonari Ono




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