Moral Lesson: Always Check Your Post Box

After the GVGV show, I felt really sad not because my fashion week was officially over but because I wouldn’t be able to attend this season’s finale show which was Phenomenon and Facetasm. I really felt down because I wanted to see it so bad, knowing that they are two of the most anticipated brands for the past 3 seasons. Being the masochist that I was, I even passed by Tokyo Midtown’s Hall A to check out who was attending it and even bumped into several familiar faces. As everyone went in to the venue, I made my way to the station with a very long face.

Then, when I arrived home, this was what I found lying on the table.


I just felt like crying when I saw the invitations from Facetasm and Phenomenon. All I thought was they would never send me an invite because usually the brands and PR houses would send them a week before the shows. Fashion week had already started and I hadn’t received anything from them. It was only Friday night when I found out about this when my mom told me she took them out from the mailbox. Probably, they came within the week when I was all busy and wasn’t expecting for more invitations to come anymore (that’s why I didn’t bother looking at the mailbox). Lesson: always check your post box. You’ll never know when the biggest surprise of your life will come.

Sad! Really sad. Well there’s always next season.


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One Response to Moral Lesson: Always Check Your Post Box

  1. Jennie says:

    Nooo. oh, my heart breaks for you! I say Hear! Hear! about the mailbox too, allmost missed out a good deal with a represent from LÒreal cos I didn´t check my blogmail for a while yikes. Luckly it solved out good 🙂 and I cross my fingers for you til next year. Then you´ll be seated at the front row 😀 hugs Jennie

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