Tokyo Fashion Week Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection Details

Here are some shots of details that caught my attention at the recently concluded Tokyo Fashion Week for autumn-winter 2012. Let me just say that I may find these stuff attractive and beautiful but I DO NOT necessarily want or need them or even intending to buy them. Ok fine! I want some of them to exist in my life like that pair of studded men’s shoes and the luminescent blue jacket from Johan Ku but I just can’t see myself wearing those insane rubber shoes with pin heels from Nozomi Ishiguro or that too-womanly-for-me caramel leather pumps with metallic silver touch at the back. I can just imagine how my mom will say “QUE HORROR” even if she doesn’t utter a single Spanish word when she sees me wearing those.

Kamishima Chinami caramel leather pumps with metallic silver touch at the back (yes, I just repeated what I said above). The metallic silver color brings a sense of modernity and punk to the classic pump.

Nozomi Ishiguro‘s pin-heeled rubber shoes. I never thought of bastardizing the divinity of heels until Ishiguro-san did it…and I think the result is pretty awesome!

Click for more photos and reads.

Another of Ishiguro’s cray cray footwear. Platform chucks!

And how about some unconventional eyewear? Oh gosh!!! I just want them on my eyes!

Golden shoes with brown leather trimmings from Matohu.

Wired eyewear and some fierce edgy boots from Shiroma!

And the new icon for Japanese street wear, Christian Dada. Look at this pleated leather tank top. It was actually paired with that wide-legged leather pants with fur trimmings at the bottom.

Oh, spiky studs, rocky textured coat and half studded men’s shoes, come to me!

Ladies, if you wanna empower yourself, try wearing your heels. In this case, wear something Dada.

The Araisara show was a shoe heaven for me. I immediately look down the shoes after having a glimpse of the look because it was bombarded with a bunch of beautiful footwear. Too bad I wasn’t in the best position to take pictures of the whole look so I was only able to take two.

The Johan Ku show was all about the beautiful bottoms which are crossbreeds of tights and loose pants plus this glow-in-the-dark jacket.

GVGV‘s glamorous rhinestone studded leather jacket is for the kill. And don’t forget to bling it more with some sparkly shoes or bag.

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