Kamishima Chinami Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

The second day of Tokyo Fashion Week is my first day and I started it with Kamishima Chinami. With “Winter Forest” as its theme this season, Chinami Kamishima has maintained her brand’s connate chicness. The signature loose dresses are still there which we’ve already seen last season but this time, it was dominantly in earth colors. Moreover, there are some pieces which were colored dyed, forming random prints and even tulip-shaped floral patterns. She also experimented with some textures by incorporating fur either on the pockets or the sleeves. Personally, I love the fur sleeve pieces. They look so glamorous and just by looking at them, it already makes me feel warm. What more if I already wear them myself? It’s also worth mentioning how beautiful the coats are in this collection too. And that brown leather pumps with metallic silver slash is so irresistible.

Here are some shots that I took during show.

Click for more photos.


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One Response to Kamishima Chinami Autumn-Winter 2012 Collection

  1. Sinta Jimenez says:

    thanks for your review and this post! i was supposed to go to this show but had to miss it this season… hopefully i’ll see chinami in the spring shows!

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