Polka Dots And Hair Flipping

I don’t have any problem with trends but polka dots is something that I never understood before. I don’t know why there are people who love wearing them and why it keeps on coming back, giving inspiration to designers as well (like Marc Jacobs who put a lot of polka dots and circular forms in his AW 2011 collection). I never had a polka dot piece in my wardrobe because I only associate it with New Year. You know that superstitious belief that you have to wear polka dots during New Year’s Eve to attract money. But some weeks ago, I found this BW polka dot shirt in SPINNS Harajuku when I was in the middle of a needed retail therapy. Though I was having second thoughts, I decided to purchase it and I think it doesn’t look bad at all on me. It even manifests my tongue-on-cheek attitude with that ever-reliable black bow tie of mine.

More over, my hair is also in dire need of serious treatment so I’m thinking of going to the salon one of these days. Of course, the straight perm is a palpable part of the agenda because of those obvious natural waves beneath the surface but will I cut it or not? I’m still thinking about it. Well, I’ll just cross the bride once I sit in the magical chairs of hair salons. For now, I’ll do some hair flipping which I currently enjoy. LOL! Cray cray me!

OIOI Men’s jacket, SPINNS Harajuku shirt, D&G belt, H&M bow tie and trousers and ABC Mart shoes 


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3 Responses to Polka Dots And Hair Flipping

  1. citybuoy says:

    At dahil ngayon lang ako nakadaan ulit, ngayon ko lang nakita na bagong bihis pala ang blog mo! Nice! 🙂

    • Hey Nyl! thanks for dropping by!!! Tell the IT guys to put JC back in the system! They’re a hindrance to my upcoming fame! hahahaha!!!

      Yeah, the new look is pink but apparently not scented! Haha! Elle Woods???

      And my hair needs some serious treatment. Lumalabas ang sumpa ng kulot.

  2. citybuoy says:

    I’ve been wanting to drop by and leave a comment pero the IT guys from my office blocked your URL. 😦 I really like your hair in these pictures. Inggit ako!!!

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