Not Too Late For Fur

I know that spring (and hay fever! Urgh) is on its way but since it’s still as cold as f*ck, I guess it’s not too late to wear some fur.


Lanvin x H&M fur coat

I was supposed to go for some Chinese cuisine for lunch in Yokohama with some friends but I was too lazy to get up early this morning. I wanted to take my time after two consecutive working Saturdays. Too stressful and exhausting! So I went for some retail therapy this afternoon at Omotesando alone so that I could also buy new clothes for spring. I also gave in to my food cravings so I gifted my tummy with a Shakey’s lunch buffet and a cup of Starbucks chai latte. Now I guess my taste buds and intestines are both happy. It was also great to bump into Noritaka Tatehana who was on his way to an event nearby the area. Sometimes, being alone is the best thing to do when you want to relax.

How about you, guys? How’s your day going?


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