A Tokyoholic Sunday

Last weekend, I was able to share a very beautiful Sunday with my friend Natalia of Tokyoholic. We went around downtown Tokyo- from Omotesando, Aoyama to Shibuya for some tea, cakes, window shopping and a bunch of chit chats. I met Natalia during the opening event of the Roberto Cavalli boutique last November 2011. I instantly like her from the beginning because her inside is as beautiful as her outside. Not only that she has an angelic face, she’s also a very soft-spoken and kind-hearted soul. I am amazed with her curiosity about things which makes her achieve more in life. I wouldn’t forget her story when she was little. She asked her father to set up their computer so she could play games. Instead of doing it, he just handed out a book to her and said “If you wanna play, then do it by yourself.” Ever since, she would always do something that will challenge herself. Now she’s learning French because she doesn’t want to feel left out whenever her French friends started talking in the language. And it’s also worth mentioning that she’s self-studying. Amazing! Other than that, I will never ever forget her story about how she get married in Patagonia and how she made me feel wanting to go to Argentina.

But the best part of our conversations was about online shopping. Before I would have doubts about it but now that Natalia has thought me the secrets of the trade, I guess I’m now ready to give it a try. LOL! Thanks for the tips, Natalia.

Click here for more photos and reads.

Fun times!!


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