Elle Girl Night x Revlon Party

Last Valentine’s Eve, after a long day at work, I dashed to Fiat Cafe to attend the Elle Girl Night which was supported by Revlon and co-produced by Trip’s Angels. The place was packed with the most beautiful and fashionable ladies in Tokyo who enjoyed a night of great music, dancing, games and amazing prices.

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Because I found my all black number too boring, I decided to put some bang to it by putting on a tribal necklace and my Afro wig from my friend Kemily. Being the attention whore that I am, I totally loved it when people started looking and talking about it. Trip-san even told me that it looks so natural for me.

Vegetable festival! One of the main themes of the night were vegetables and how beauty could be obtained through eating them. I wasn’t really interested at all because I’m not a big fan of veggies but I simply couldn’t resist to taste some when a small plate of veggies were served to all of us.

Megumi, who I missed so much, and Vivian of Metropolis Magazine, Japan’s leading English magazine.

Maho and Trip of Trip’s Angels. I love these girls! So fun to be with and very humorous. I couldn’t stop fooling around with Trip the whole night.

The most beautiful boy in town, Sho, who I haven’t seen since I arrived from Manila. It was nice catching up with him after a long time.

Fiat Cafe was so packed with Tokyo’s most beautiful women.

Facetime with Mai! It’s not the same without Tokyo’s original party girl.

Pretty Devin and Shaula who also graced the event with very good dancing music.

Designer and DJ Alexander Lee Chang. Who can beat a man who knows how to make good clothes and music?

It was nice to see FAB teacher Adam of Fucking Friday again together with her glam friends. He looked so good after his grand vacay in Bangkok.

The very handsome Kenny who looks so springy with his soft-colored striped suit, pink shirt and tie. Gosh! He looked so good every girl in the party wanted to have their picture taken with him. Who can’t resist a very cute guy with green leaves on both hands?

As always, every Elle Girl Night is a fun.


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