Bag Hunt

It seems like the Gleek in me is slowly manifesting through my clothes. I was Blaine Anderson-inspired last post and now, I definitely look like Kurt Hummel here. Thanks to the bow tie which I didn’t intend to wear on that day but I just did because my outfit was simply too average without it. Not complaining though because I love Kurt’s fabulous looks in Glee. You can never go wrong with a teenage kid who wears Galliano and Marc Jacobs to school in Ohio. It’s also nice to wear that old hat of mine and to carry my Louis Vuitton Monogram Sac Plat with me. It’s been a while since they had a taste of sunshine.

I went downtown with Carey last Sunday to join her Goyard St. Louis bag hunt. It was her dream bag and it was delightful to witness how happy she was when she got her hands on it. It actually made me feel buying a bag for myself too. I saw this very beautiful 40 cm green Hermes Birkin bag made from togo leather on the same day which I can’t get my mind off until now. But  for sure, you know how expensive Birkins are so it’s not that easy to let go of that amount of money. How I wish that it’s the same price with Goyard’s St. Louis so it would be a happy day, not only for Carey, but also for me.

hat from department store, Spiel blazer, H&M shirt, sweater, trousers and bow tie, ABC Mart shoes and Luis Vuitton bag

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2 Responses to Bag Hunt

  1. Jennie says:

    Kurt is our ( me and daughters) favorite in Glee. And great photocollection of you here!! xo Jennie

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