Wisdom Tweets

I love Twitter! It’s the perfect way to share your thoughts and to read what others are thinking too (or you can say, stalk). We can also say that it’s the modern way of thinking aloud and the newest way to reach out to anyone else.

Lately, I’ve been tweeting words that I myself can’t imagine saying. They all just come to me whenever I ride the train, as if the heavens open with a great light, then a white dove comes to me and gives me wisdom to tweet for everyone. It’s completely insane. I don’t consider myself wise and I believe that I am not the greatest person to go to for some enlightening words but I don’t know what’s happening to me. Can it be that I have a prophet inside me? Be the judge.

* Watch your words. You never know who listens to you.

* If it’s meant to be, it will happen as if the universe does all the work to unfold it.

* A good life starts with a big dream…then, you wake up and work for it.

* Once in your life, there will come a love so great that it will change your whole world.

* Lucky is when you find happiness in the most unexpected place.

* If you have talent, it’s destiny. If you don’t, you can practice and exert effort. Then you pray for some luck. That’s how you cook success.

* A dream is a dream when you only wish for it. It becomes a goal when you work for it.

* There’s a reason why we have Google, Wikipedia and the whole interweb in general. Use it!

* If it’s changing you for the better, it must be love.

* The strength of your heart keeps you alive.

* A genuine wise man knows his powers but never boasts. He also doesn’t belittle anyone who’s smaller than him.

* Be thankful that you still learn new things…even if it’s just simply frying an egg perfectly.

* We dream to live.

* The stars shine because they are destined to do so. You exist because you have a purpose.

* The sun is up, a reminder that there is always a new day for our dreams.

* You have some love? Then, share it.

* All we want is someone who loves us…and is willing to show it.

* A friend told me this: in order for a relationship to last, one must be blind and the other, deaf.

* Love is never possible without acceptance.

* You can only love someone when you are “whole”. You can never ask anyone to complete yourself.

* Mas masakit, mas may matututunan. (The more painful it is, the more lessons you will remember from it)

* You can get angry with your parents but you can never hate them. No matter what, they will always be your lifeline.

* For a train to move, you should build the rails first. Your life doesn’t work that way. You move and make your choices.

* Be proud of who you are. When everything else is gone, you’re the only thing that you got. 

That’s all for now. I’ll be sharing you more of my wisdom tweets once I gather enough. Better if you follow me, guys, on Twitter for more real time updates. It’s @gervinmacey.

See yah!


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4 Responses to Wisdom Tweets

  1. citybuoy says:

    Pwede ka na mag-start ng advice column!

  2. Jennie says:

    I´m a follower ;D

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