Tying The Knot

I consider 2011 as a year of weddings. A lot of my friends, mostly in the Philippines and a few in Tokyo, have tied the knot and finally decided to fall down to the pit of eternal damnation. Hahaha!!! Kidding aside, let me share to you two videos of my friends who celebrated their wedding vows last year- AR, Cherry, Hans and Immacon.

I have known Cherry and AR since we were still active members of the church. I was one of the many witnesses of their love over the years. It was a long process that took so much time until they reached the altar. There were trials and hard times but in the end, they were able to surpass it all. On the other hand, I have known Hans since high school and he has already told me about Immacon even before. It’s quite amazing how they started and how they ended up together amidst the time, distance and the circumstances. Like AR and Cherry, it also took them some time before they decided to be together. It was a bumpy road until everything became smooth and clear for them.

Basing it on these videos, I can see that weddings are really fabulous and gorgeous. Knowing me, I like things when they are splendid which makes me want to have my own wedding. Imagine me walking the aisle in a Vera Wang gown and Christian Louboutin shoes while my man awaits me in a customized Armani suit and Prada shoes. OMG! Building everything through my imagination makes me melt together with all the cheesiness. But at the back of my head, I know it’s not that easy. Weddings can be very expensive and takes a lot of time and preparation. I remember how I died when one of my friends told me how much AR spent for their wedding. That money spent isn’t a joke and I don’t know where in the world will I get that. During Hans and Immacon’s reception, they said that the ceremony was almost in the edge of not pushing through because of some unforeseen circumstances and they were just so happy that it happened.

What I learned from these two stories is that love isn’t enough to get married. It only gives you the energy and the will to keep going but marriage takes time, effort and honestly, money. You need to prepare not only for the ceremony and the glamour but also for the life that lies ahead. Wedding ceremonies don’t automatically put a happy ending to your story. Rather, it adds a new chapter. It won’t be easy like the chapters you’ve been through but if you really love each other, there’s a way that you can pull through. If you are prepared enough, the pains and the hardships will be lessened. You have to be financially stable as well because one of the reasons you are marrying is to build your own family and having a child is not like chewing gum that you can just chew for minutes and spit away once all the flavor is gone. A child is something you feed, shelter, clothe, and take to school. In short, it’s an enormous responsibility- a big and expensive one. You don’t want guilt eating your whole system when you neglect your own flesh and blood.

Ok! I don’t wanna be a marriage counsellor now. All I wanna say is I wanna have my own wedding too. Maybe someday. But before that, I have to find my groom who’s a young CEO who earns $10 million a month and wears Dolce & Gabbana suits going to work. Where the hell are you???


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2 Responses to Tying The Knot

  1. citybuoy says:

    “I have to find my groom who’s a young CEO who earns $10 million a month and wears Dolce & Gabbana suits going to work. Where the hell are you???”

    Ang baba naman pala ng expectations mo. haha

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