Young At Heart

One of the best times I had during my stay in Manila last winter vacation was when I went to Museong Pambata (Children’s Museum) with my friends, Joy and Niña. We spent almost 4 hours inside the museum, looking and playing around with everything there was. It was fun re-reading history, science, music and social issues which I remember tackling in class when I was little. I have visited the Museong Pambata when I was still in grade school. Back then, I really couldn’t appreciate such kind of places, always finding them boring (given the fact that it’s for children). I guess you’ll find it ridiculous if I tell you that visiting the museum again is more fun now that I’m an adult. Maybe it’s true what they say: there is always a part of our hearts that never grow old. Better yet, the heart doesn’t really age at all.

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I really enjoyed being a child again and I bet REAL children will find it more interesting once they visit this place. I just wish that the museum’s management would maintain the exhibits more often because some of them weren’t working anymore. The helicopter, which is the museum’s most iconic piece was already looking bad from not having proper care.

I wish life would always be as easy as it seemed to be when we were younger.

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5 Responses to Young At Heart

  1. citybuoy says:

    I went there as a kid and have not forgotten it since. Makadalaw nga ulit.. hehe

  2. Jennie says:

    I understand you had the blast. Me and my cousin went with our kids to a similar museum in Stockholm ( Swedens capitolcity) with our kids and we enjoyed it just as much as our kids 😀

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