Teach Me How To Dougie

Ok! Let’s take a break from all my Philippine adventures and get back to reality. There’s still a lot of photos awaiting to be shared and I hope you bear with me as I prove to you that the new slogan of the Department of Tourism is 100% true- IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES. Hahaha!!!

Somehow, it feels great to be back in Tokyo and the winter cold. This season is a good reason to put anything on you and still look stylish somehow. I just got this ridiculous hat during my trip in the Philippines which is a good armor for my head for low temperature days. I wonder why some Filipinos would want to wear this doggie hat knowing how blazing the temperatures can get there.

Dog hat from Manila, sweater from Ueno, Edwin leather jacket, gifted glasses and plaid pants from mom, Kika Style necklace, Zara shoes

Click for more photos and reads.


Because it has been a week since I came back to Tokyo and I haven’t gone out of the house since then (aside from going to work of course), I decided to put on anything that I could find hanging around my room and went to Harajuku. Knowing that a lot of people are wearing much more attention-getter stuff there, I thought that my doggie hat would only be wallflower. Apparently, I was wrong. I got a number of judgmental stares plus this guy who passed by me and whispered, “オカミさんだ” (“It’s Mr. Wolf”) to his friends. It was loud enough for me to give him a stare that said, “I heard that, dick head.”

I also did some instinctive shopping and spent some time reading Haruki Murakami’s “Norwegian Wood” which I’ve been reading for 6 months but hadn’t finished yet then. It was fun reading a book about love, adolescence, casual sex and leaving the past behind while wearing a funny hat.


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6 Responses to Teach Me How To Dougie

  1. citybuoy says:

    gervin, you make it look fierce. haha i see kids wearing hats like that and you don’t make it seem the least bit jeje

  2. Jennie says:

    Just wanna say: Love your blog. & that hat is totally fab! Have a wonderful tuesday. / Jennie

  3. Rainy Chua says:

    These hats are so common in the Philippines. Japan will catch on. 😉

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