I know, color blocking is soooooooo 2011 but please, let me wear my colors. I am nothing without them. LOL!

10 Corso Como shirt, gifted glasses and personalized bracelet,D&G belt, Edwin denim shorts, ABC Mart socks and Vans shoes

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After I arrived in Manila from Bohol, I stopped over my apartment for a while to drop off my suit case and went straight to SM Mall of Asia to meet and dine with my high school friends. While waiting for our tables (which took more than an hour and some big scene with the rude staff of Racks SM MOA) my friend Sheila gave me this personalized bracelet with my high school nickname which she made by herself. She was worried that I wouldn’t like it but I just did. It seemed like she knew what I wanted- something colorful and shiny.

I also love how this unconventional shirt from 10 Corso Como Tokyo worked for me. From my weird imagination, it looks like a pink sack of potatoes with two holes for my arms.

I brought with me these two pairs of Vans shoes which are of the same style but different in color. I decided to use one shoe per pair and it seemed to work. Everyone in the mall were looking at my shoes, either they found it cute or weird. Well whatever it was, I didn’t really give a damn coz all that mattered was that it looked pleasant to my eyes.


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