The Walls

I really find the walls of Intramuros very beautiful because it exudes beauty and richness in history. That’s why I asked my friend Rain, to take some snaps for me while posing in this vintage fortress of Fort Santiago. I was only planning to have 10 photos so I could have enough options for an outfit post but Rain enjoyed my camera so much that she gave me 54 shots. It was also funny how she would ask me to pose in a certain spot whenever she found it perfect for a “fashion shot” (as she fondly calls it). Here are my picks.

glasses from SM Department Store, t-shirt from Bohol, D&G belt, shorts from Odaiba, Converse ankle-high sneakers, bracelets from Cebu, UST @ 400 College of Education and a gifted personalized one

Click here for more photos and reads.

I bought the very cute shirt in Bohol during my 3 day vacation there. I instantly fell in love when I first saw it in the souvenir shop. The material is really thin to allow ventilation which is very important in a tropical country like the Philippines. Though this is the case, the vibrant colors of the shirt were enough to cover what should be hidden inside. Though I’m a man, the lady in me insists that my nipples shouldn’t be visible to the public…unless I’m in the beach. Wahahahaha!!! The shorts I’m wearing here are actually a pair of flare pants which I got from a sale in Odaiba. It took me sometime to use it but when that time came, I was already bored with it so I decided to give it a trim. It’s a little too tight for my thighs (maybe my thighs are huge) but since I don’t have any locomotion problems while wearing it, I just bypassed this issue.


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2 Responses to The Walls

  1. Very beautiful pics 🙂

    I love your tropical outfit, and I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on that T-shirt *.*

    Love! xx

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