Hans and Immacon

Last December 29th, 2011, I attended my friends, Hans and Immacon’s wedding at the famous Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan, prolly an hour away (if there’s no traffic jam) by car from the capital city, Manila.

Glasses from SM Department store, Versace x H&M buttoned down shirt, D&G belt, H&M pants, Lanvin x H&M shoes and Louis Vuitton clutch bag

I bought this shirt from H&M’s most celebrated collaboration last year just for this occasion. When I saw the shirt hanging from the store, I immediately thought of Hans and Immacon’s wedding and that was enough reason for me to purchase it. I love how simple yet full of impact the prints of this shirt are but my most favorite detail about it is the metallic details in the collar. I bought the Vuitton clutch a month ago from a vintage store. My friend Carey saw it there, sent me a picture and asked me if I wanted it. At first, I had second thoughts but then, I decided to buy it because it was the perfect bag to match with my Lanvin x H&M metallic dress shoes. Now, that bag isn’t my possession anymore because I gave it to my cousin as a Christmas present. Ok guys! You can now pat me on the back for being the fashion Santa. LOL!

Click here for more photos and reads.

I’ve been good friends with Hans since we were in high school. We’ve been through hard times and good times, that’s why I couldn’t miss this opportunity to witness this new chapter in his life. Coincidentally, Hans and I took the same flight going to Manila and I remember him thanking me for being his only friend in Japan who could make it to his wedding. Then I replied to him, “Hey! Don’t think that I’m going to the Philippines because I am attending your wedding. It’s the other way around. I am attending your wedding because I’m going to the Philippines.”  LOL!

I was feeling feverish during the morning which made me a little skeptic about attending. But then, a promise is a promise and promises AREN’T made to be broken. Whether sick or not, I knew I had to be there for my friend. So I asked my dad, who was also my driver that day, to take me to a drug store for some meds. Good thing, I felt better before arriving to the church. But the thing was the ceremony was already over when I arrived. Thanks to the friendly traffic jam along the way!

Hans and Immacon after the ceremony. Don’t get it twisted! It wasn’t Hans who brought the bouquet to the altar. LOL!

One of the best things about weddings is that it also serves as a mini-reunion with friends who you haven’t seen for a long time. It was nice to be reunited with Jennifer, Karen, Rita and Michael after we all graduated from high school.

It was also my first time to meet fellow blogger, Kaycee of Kikay Si Kat, who was also one of the finalists in last year’s Philippine Blog Awards. Kaycee is the wife of Hans’ cousin and my friend, Jeff, who I first met here in Tokyo and now based in Singapore. This is our photo with their son, Geoff, who seems to be not happy meeting me. LOL! Actually, the baby was having tantrums that day that’s why he couldn’t give a smile for the camera.

And once again, I was the one who caught the bridal bouquet. Hahahaha! I know I didn’t get you this time. But yeah! I made a promise to myself that I’m going to take pictures of myself with the bridal bouquet whenever I attend weddings.

Me with the newly weds. It was also my first time to meet Immacon in person who was so fabulous in her wedding gown. We’ve talked via Skype once when she was still in Kuwait for work but we’ve never met each other until the wedding.

Watch the Santiago-Pascual Nuptials video here where my friends and I made a small cameo appearance outside the church with the newly-weds. It’s the first time I held a dove in my hands which freaked me out because I am scared of birds.

A lot of my friends tied the knot last year and I wasn’t able to attend most of them because they were held in Manila. Seeing their fabulous wedding photos make me feel envious. Oh gosh! Time is running out. I have to find that man who will give me a Harry Winston 48 karat diamond ring, a Vera Wang gown and a 500 dollar billion life.

Congratulations, Hans and Con!!!


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